The Benefit of using RSS Feed Syndication to Increase Traffic

Now before I go on discussing about the benefit of using RSS feed syndication to increase traffic, what does the acronym RSS stand for? To start off, RSS stands for: real simple syndication. So now that you know what RSS stands for then how exactly is this useful for generating more traffic into you website?

There are indeed benefits of using RSS feed syndication to increase traffic into your website. One benefit would be to get an increase in direct traffic from websites or locations you had no idea would ever click on you. To name a few of these locations are: Technorati, Reddit and Propeller. You can simply submit the RSS syndication of your website to these social bookmarking sites and wait for results. Another is to submit your websites RSS syndication to RSS directories or RSS search engines. This way any prospective customer simply log on to RSS search engine optimized websites and find it easy to locate you.

The third advantage of using RSS syndication is that when web users find your website content interesting they would find it real easy to add your RSS syndication to their favourite feed reader. Of course to attract customers or web users depend primarily on the content of your website or blog. If you give out the latest news or the best advice in health, technology or simply about life, web users will instantly add you to their feed to get a daily dose of you which of course would greatly increase site traffic.

Aside from that given benefit of using RSS syndication is that you get to promote your websites services by pushing out newsletters by of course using RSS. If you are familiar with viral marketing then with the use of RSS syndication makes the message sent out pretty faster and a plus factor is that website traffic becomes quite enormous. Last of the numerous advantages of using RSS syndication is signing up for RSS free advertising. If you do this simple step you get the increased chances of getting your website out into the open plus the site traffic increased without that much effort.

There are still a lot of benefits of using RSS syndication but some websites may not quite fit into the RSS mold. Yet there are still quite a lot of sites that still syndicate your websites content with not questions whatsoever. The reasons and benefits I stated above as to why you should try using RSS syndication are not even half of the advantages RSS feed offers. The ones mentioned above are simply the best benefits so far and are the ones that are quite easy to do in as little as 10 minutes in a day. Make it easier for your prospective customers by adding something that goes like this: Subscribe to us using… at the end of every article or blog in the articles you make. This makes everything a lot easier and quicker to get the site traffic you need.

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